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 Micro-X At RSNA 2021

Join us on a journey to define the Future of X-ray – it starts on 28 November at the Micro-X booth #4517, South Hall at RSNA.

28 November – 2 December | McCormick Place | Chicago

NEX Technology

Micro-X is a global leader in the design and manufacture of medical grade mobile X-ray systems using Nano Electronic X-Ray (NEX) Technology. Our patented NEX Technology is a simple, non-glassed-based X-ray tube that uses carbon nanotubes to create a more stable, yet smaller and lighter X-ray tube.

NEX Technology enables us to reduce the weight, and size, of our mobile X-ray systems changing the potential uses of X-ray systems in a variety of industries across the world.

Download Whitepaper: Introduction to Carbon Nanotube Emitter Technology and Life Testing

Download 2021 RSNA Scientific Digital Poster – Micro-X CNT Electron Emitter

Micro-x patented emitter technology
Rover mobile x-ray machine used in ICU ward

NEX Technology in Hospitals Today

Micro-X has introduced a mobile x-ray machine to the market using NEX Technology enabling features, advancements and functionalities to support health professionals in every setting. The award-winning mobile x-ray machine is smaller, quieter and lighter with full medical performance and ensures:

  • Minimal disruption for patients
  • Less stress and physical strain for radiologists
  • High-quality imagery across every location and facility

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*PICO and NEO models are currently pending marketing authorization applications in the USA.

Tubes for Life

We believe NEX Technology is one of the most reliable x-ray tube technologies on the market, which is why we’re now offering a ‘Tubes for Life’ warranty*.

We are so confident in the performance of our NEX technology, we are providing a ‘Tube for Life’ warranty for all Micro-X Mobile X-ray systems. A lifetime, non-transferrable guarantee ensures Micro-X customers enjoy and benefit from cutting edge technology with the assurance of long-lasting performance.


*Offer is subject to the Micro-X Inc Product Warranty Terms and Conditions
Micro-X mobile X-ray machine taking an x-ray
CT in ambulance showing CT x-ray

Brain CT Scanner – The Future of Medical Imaging

Micro-X is currently developing a revolutionary lightweight CT Brain Scanner for use in road and air ambulances that will provide point of care stroke diagnosis, reducing time from stoke onset to treatment.

Using NEX Technology, we’re transforming stroke treatment. Early diagnosis and pre-hospital treatment of strokes has been shown to hugely improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, revolutionizing stroke treatment, particularly in rural and remote locations.

Download 2021 RSNA Scientific Digital Poster – Feasibility Study: Stationary Tomosynthesis for Detecting Intracranial Hemorrhage

The Future of Security Imaging


The Micro-X Argus is an X-ray system for bomb disposal that will transform Stand-Off threat assessment by combining Backscatter and Transmission X-ray imaging capabilities in a single device.

Download Argus brochure

Miniature Baggage Scanner

Micro-X is working with the US Department of Homeland Security to develop a passenger self-screening airport checkpoint portal, which will combine the traditional, sequential airport checkpoint processes into a consolidated module.


Miniature Baggage Scanner Self Service Station
Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing Facility

About Micro-X

Micro-X is an ASX listed hi-tech company developing and commercializing a range of innovative products for global health and security markets, based on proprietary carbon nanotube (CNT) emitter technology.

Micro-X has a fully vertically integrated design and production facility in Adelaide, Australia. A growing technical and commercial team based in Seattle is rapidly expanding Micro-X’s US business.

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Meet the Micro-X team

Peter Rowland

Peter Rowland

Managing Director

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Dr. Brian Gonzales

Dr. Brian Gonzales

Chief Scientist and CEO of Micro-X Inc

Charlie Hicks

Charlie Hicks

General Manager, Digital Radiology

Tannis Sigurdson

Tannis Sigurdson

Head of North American Sales, Mobile DR

Lois Newman

Lois Newman

Head of EMEA Sales, Digital Radiology

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