Micro-X Manufacturing at Tonsley

Micro-X’s State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility is located to the south of Adelaide’s CBD in the Award Winning South Australian Tonsley Innovation District.

World Class Advanced Manufacturing

Micro-X’s, facility which now spans over 2,000m2 was established in 2015. The facility houses design, production and testing of Micro-X’s suite of products and operates a quality management system accredited to ISO 13485.

Quality and Efficiency learned from the automotive industry

Micro-X has taken the world leading principles of the automotive industry such as, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and built-in quality and applied them to medical device manufacturing.

Micro-X’s highly skilled production operators are cross-trained throughout multiple areas of the company which allows the company to react flexibly to high demand with short notice. The production system has been designed to build multiple products at once with short lead times, something that today’s market demands.

The application of these global best practices along with the highly skilled workforce in Micro-X’s CNT x-ray tube manufacturing has resulted in a lower cost, high yield production line.  This line can be expanded to multiple CNT tube designs and the much higher tube production volumes which future products will require.

Investment in Australian Manufacturing

Micro-X is proud to have established and will maintain Australian manufacturing operations as the core of our business to reduce supply chain risk, maintain quality and ensure the continual development of optimal manufacturing processes. Our goal is to have 95% of our supply chain Australian.


Take a tour of our CNT x-ray tube manufacturing facility below.