Rover Military


Full performance digital medical X-ray imaging for deployed medical facilities.

The Rover Military X-ray machine was specifically designed for the unique needs of deployed military and other humanitarian aid applications. These deployed facilities have limited access to hospital-grade X-ray machines, and often use small animal veterinary equipment as a substitute. Our carbon nanotube technology allows us to offer full hospital grade diagnostic imaging capability in a package around 100kg. The unit is ruggedised and optimised for the high-intensity use associated with mass casualty situations.

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Next Generation X-ray Technology

The Rover X-ray machine was developed under a contract from the Australian Department of Defence to fulfil a need for a full performance digital medical X-ray imager, light enough to be used in deployed medical facilities and ruggedised to traverse different terrain requirements.

Military doctors aim to provide combat soldiers who go in harm’s way with no less a standard of medical care than they can expect at home. However, conventional, hospital-grade mobile X-ray machines are heavy (typically 400 to 600kg), power hungry and very hard to move around on uneven surfaces. These deployed facilities have limited access to hospital grade X-ray machines, and often use small animal veterinary equipment as a substitute.

Rover is under contract to be supplied into the Australian Defence Force’s new deployable medical facility as part of JP2060 – Phase 3 and the World Health Organisation has also bought Rovers for use in Pacific nations.

Innovative Lightweight System

Utilising our unique Carbon Nanotube Technology, the Rover combines lightweight maneuverability with high precision imaging to deliver critical diagnostic in the toughest environments. Ensuring fast deployment by only weighing around 100kgs, the Rover delivers hospital-grade X-ray power to military deployed medical facilities. The Rover X-ray machine is agile and flexible with key design features to make optimal positioning easier for better patient imaging outcomes.

Feature Rich, Small and Nimble System

Specific features desired by military users, the Rover delivers the following key advantages:

  • Ultra-light weight at around 100kg to be transported by anyone
  • Operation on uneven ground for use in different types of terrain
  • Lifting handles, a reinforced bellow and ground Clearance allows for 150mm step up for moving around deployed hospitals
  • Flexible image communication options to enable quick diagnosis
  • Battery operation with all-day endurance and swappable battery pack in under a minute
  • Hard shell reusable plastic packaging for military transportation
  • A fully articulating arm with 360° range of motion to enable easy bedside imaging


Micro-X has proudly received a number of awards for the innovative Rover Military X-Ray machine:
National Innovative Award – Land Forces 2021
Good Design Award – Best In Class (2018), Rover has been designed with the same design excellence and innovation as the Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano.



RX Only. Rover is not available in all markets.