The ‘Carestream DRX Revolution Nano’ is an ultralight weight fully integrated digital mobile x-ray for medical applications.

Designed and manufactured by Micro-X, in South Australia for Carestream Health
Exclusively available from Carestream Health.

“Revolutionary performance
on a smaller scale”

Carestream Health Inc.

The DRX-Revolution Nano utilises carbon nanotube (CNT) technology, allowing the system to be smaller and more agile than other mobile x-ray units. It is ideal for bedside imaging in emergency departments and is easy to manoeuvre through small patient rooms, crowded hallways or tight ICU spaces.



Utilising our unique Carbon Nano Tube technology, the Nano has a small footprint to allow access into small spaces and when on the move a clear 180-degree line of site. Only weighing 95kg, the light-weight Nano is ergonomic with key design features such as a balanced articulating arm and collimator controls on tusks improve ergonomics and efficiency. With a long-lasting Lithium Ion-Phosphate battery the Nano can run without mains power for up to 6 hours

Feature rich small and nimble system:

Ideal for portable chest, ICU, orthopaedic and paediatric imaging, the Nano delivers the following key advantages:

  • Unique Carbon Nano Tube provides an ultra-light weight design for easy manoeuvrability and arm positioning
  • Integrated DR technology delivers fast workflow and higher image quality than CR systems, at a lower capital cost
  • “Feather Touch” drive and small footprint make manoeuvring and navigating simple and easy.
  • Sleek design offers line-of-sight visibility over the column and around the entire system.