Even the simplest shift in perspective can lead to developments that change the way we live.

At Micro-X, we believe in the power of great ideas. We’re constantly looking at things differently so we can find better ways to do what’s always been done.

We are thinking, creating and innovating,
and we’re proving the power of a great idea.

Micro-X is about finding a better way

We are leading a global revolution in medical and security imaging products with our lighter and smaller X-ray tube. Our Nano Electronic X-Ray Tube is simple and scalable, with a more stable and longer life than ever before. It’s challenging every existing barrier for traditional X-ray imaging and creating new opportunities for industries across the world.

Think | Innovate | Create

Micro-X is about the people, a team of engineers, scientists and product developers that all believe in the power of a great idea. Our people work with the medical, defence, security, aviation and veterinary industries to continually push the boundaries of science and technology. Because when we come together to think, create and innovate, we can transform our ideas into life-changing and ground-breaking products.



Micro-X at RSNA 2023

Micro-X will be attending RSNA 2023 in Chicago this year, held from November 26 to 30. RSNA is the world’s largest medical imaging conference, attracting…

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Australian Government sends Rovers to Ukraine

Australian-made Rover mobile x-rays have been included in an Australian Government $20m assistance package to Ukraine. The Australian Government’s $1.5m purchase of Rovers will join…

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SA-licon Valley: Inside the Tonsley Innovation District, where local innovators making global waves

Micro-X has featured in a story published in SA Weekend about the former Mitsubishi car manufacturing site, now home to Tonsley Innovation Precinct: The old…

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$1.5m Rover mobile x ray order from Australian Government

Micro-X has received a purchase order from the Australian Government for $1.5M of Micro-X Rover mobile x ray systems, ultra-lightweight units providing high quality medical…

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