Micro-X – A Leading Technology Developer Of The Electronic X-Ray Tube

Micro-X is a leading X-ray equipment manufacturer and supplier focussed on global medical and security markets. Our research has led to the development of an Electronic X-ray Tube. Our world-leading patented carbon nanotube technology ensures our products are lighter, smaller, and more portable than traditional X-ray devices, revolutionising the potential uses and applications of X-ray technology in industries across the world and will be used as the platform for all Micro-X’s future product developments. Micro-X’s technology is supported by a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers, production technicians, and management to ensure we offer world-class solutions for every one of our clients.

Micro-X Is Leading The Charge In A New Era In X-ray Technology 

While X-ray imaging pioneered a world of new opportunities when it was initially invented in 1895 by Dr Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the technology has remained largely unchanged since then. These X-ray tubes use a heated filament like the old-fashioned incandescent light bulb to generate electrons inside a vacuum tube to create X-rays. Increasing the filament heat generates more electrons and boosts the number of X-rays.

Micro-X is the first company in the world to introduce a medical product to the market using an Electronic X-ray tube with a cold electron source material, rather than the traditional heated filament. Rather than using heat to control the number of X-rays, our technology is controlled by a small voltage. This Electronic X-ray tube is smaller, lighter, and faster than anything the world has seen before and enables a more precisely controlled imaging system to be developed and brought to medical and security markets.

Micro-X has created its own proprietary intellectual property for the design and manufacture of the Electronic X-ray Tube. This game-changing technology delivers:

    • Long stable life with no degradation in electron current performance over at least 5 years of multiple daily exposures
    • High current with a maximum emitter current of 180mA for up to 2 seconds
    • Simple, scalable, and repeatable fabrication processes

The Power Of A Great Idea

If we’ve learned anything from our time in the industry, it’s that nothing is more powerful than a great idea. The precise and instantaneous electronic control of Micro’s X-ray tube opens up a world of opportunities in industries, locations, and workplaces across the globe. We’re introducing new ways and uses for X-ray imaging that are pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

Our Electronic X-ray Tube allows us to drive the size of X-ray imaging equipment smaller and smaller but the most exciting new applications involve arrays of miniature X-ray sources which can be electronically switched in sequence to produce a moving X-ray beam from stationary components. Conventional CT scanners rotate a giant X-ray tube quickly in a gantry to scan patients; Micro-X’s technology can do this with no moving parts. The carbon nanotube emitter and Electronic X-ray tube developed and manufactured in Adelaide by Micro-X indeed ushers in a new era in X-ray.

Micro-X has published a White Paper that provides an overview of our patented Electronic X-ray Tube, and the widespread benefits of this long-lasting and world-first technology.