Micro-X is a leader in defence X-ray technology. Every military X-ray solution we offer is specifically designed for the unique needs of these users. With the goal of enhancing the capability to defend and helping save the lives of service people, our work focuses around the medical and security needs of the defence industry.


Defence forces have sophisticated medical battalions that support field deployment and service permanent bases. Micro-X designed and developed the Rover Military to increase the availability, quality and ease of providing medical X-ray capability in these settings. The Rover Military is a mobile X-ray machine that provides the same level of clinical diagnostic capability as a hospital-grade mobile X-ray machine. This robust and fit-for-purpose mobile X-ray machine is ideal for deployment in tented hospitals, where traditional equipment is too large and heavy for easy use.

The Rover Military is ruggedised and optimised for the high-intensity use of mass casualty situations, with special deployable packaging for easy transport. The military X-ray solution also offers 10-hour battery operation and swappable batteries. Rover Military has been contracted by Saab Australia as the medical X-ray technology of the Australia’s Defence Force’s Deployable Health Capability Program (JP2060).


Micro-X is has designed and developed Argus, an award-winning backscatter X-ray camera designed to exponentially increase safety and security for defence and law enforcement in assessment of concealed conventional and non-conventional threats.

Traditional X-ray imaging requires a detector to be placed behind a suspect device to detect potential threats. Micro-X’s proprietary backscatter technology means detectors do not need to be placed behind an object, giving operators a new option of remotely deploying Argus mounted on a unmanned ground vehicle or hand carrying the system. Images are viewed remotely, giving operators a new tool to diagnose threats at a safe distance. 

Government-Supported Research and Development

Our work in the defence space reached new heights when The Commonwealth of Australia provided funding under the Defence Science & Technology Group CTD (Capability Technology Demonstration) program. This grant supported our research to demonstrate the use of our Electronic X-Ray Tube in providing high power, military X-ray imaging in the small form factor of the Rover Military and offering backscatter imaging for threat detection.