Healthcare providers are increasingly looking for technology-enabled care that puts the patient first. Micro-X delivers medical X-ray systems that are designed from a customer-first perspective and aims to support clinicians in the provision of continually improving care.

The specific focus of our hospital mobile X-ray machines is to boost the manoeuvrability and portability of traditional solutions. By taking mobile X-ray technology to the patient, rather than the patient to the X-ray room, we are confident in our ability to deliver better medical outcomes in medical settings across the world.

Micro-X currently provides a range of solutions in the space:

Enabling Quality Care For Everyone

At Micro-X, we are actively involved and committed to continually innovating every aspect of our design and development process. As an ISO13485 compliant operator, we assure exemplary medical device quality and rigorous management practices for the development and roll-out of all medical X-ray machines and systems.

While combined the Rover and Nano have been sold in 26 countries across the world with the Rover procured by the WHO for use in Pacific Island nations, Micro-X is still actively involved in sharing our health-focused X-ray products with new markets. Our extensive connections with leading hospitals, researchers and healthcare providers ensures we can continue to provide support to the healthcare industries that need it most.


Micro-X has proudly received a number of awards for innovative Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano

Good Design Award – Best In Class (2018) Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano.

Business SA Design for Export Award – (2017) Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano.