The Rover Plus mobile x-ray will make its debut at the pop-up medical clinic at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne this weekend.

With its newly designed x-ray tube and high-voltage generator, the Rover Plus’ imaging capability offers more options to users when selecting imaging required in emergency departments and operating theatres.

The Rover Plus mobile x-ray system retains the benefits of the classic model – it is small, nimble and ultra-lightweight. All components are made in-house, enabling Micro-X to deliver high performance x-rays and ergonomic enhancements.

Micro-X Rover and next generation Rover Plus mobile x-ray

Micro-X is a global leader in carbon nanotube technology for x-ray tubes. The world-leading innovation replaces the 120-year-old invention of a filament encased in oil, opening endless possibilities for the future of x-ray technology across industries.

Micro-X Chief Executive Officer Peter Rowland said the Rover Plus’ was a demonstration of the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs.

“The Rover Plus’s small size, manoeuvrability and ease of use makes it ideal to be used in challenging environments, whether that is trauma imaging in an emergency room, a deployable field hospital in a conflict zone, or at a temporary medical facility at the Grand Prix. We are proud to have our technology play a part at the Melbourne Grand Prix, a world-class sporting event that mirrors our relentless pursuit of innovation.”

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