Micro-X is pleased to announce the visit to its headquarters in Adelaide by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary for Science and Technology.

Senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) leader Dr Dimitri Kusnezov, Ph.D. visited Micro-X’s Adelaide headquarters today to tour the company’s manufacturing facility and receive a briefing with the Company’s leadership team.

Dr Kusnezov heads the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), which funds Micro-X’s two contracts for the development of its new Baggage CT (Computed Tomography) Scanner and Passenger Self-Service Checkpoint solutions, worth up to A$28m.

The visit by Dr. Kusnezov provided a first-hand look at the development work currently being undertaken by Micro-X and its partners, ahead of the delivery from Seattle of the first Baggage CT Scanner prototype to the S&T Transportation Security Laboratory.

The two-hour visit, hosted by the Company’s CEO Americas and lead in the DHS-funded programs, Dr Brian Gonzales, was prompted by a meeting at global technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas in January where the DHS and TSA were showcasing Micro-X’s technology through a virtual reality experience. At the meeting at CES Dr Kusnezov expressed strong interest in:

  • Micro-X’s unique core x-ray technology
  • The combination of AI with Micro-X CT
  • New uses of the signals collected to make CT
  • Combination of Micro-X scatter and CT to enhance detection.

As the science advisor to the Homeland Security Secretary, Dr. Kusnezov heads the research, development, innovation and testing and evaluation activities in support of DHS operational components and first responders across the United States. S&T is responsible for identifying operational gaps, conceptualising art-of-the-possible solutions, and delivering operational results that improve the security and resilience of the nation.

Micro-X CEO Americas and Chief Scientist Brian Gonzales commented:

“We are proud to be working on the future of airport security, which has global applications beyond the United States. With passenger numbers growing year on year, Micro-X is uniquely capable of providing a screening solution that is faster, safer, scalable and cost effective.  We thank Dr Kusnezov for his time coming to Tonsley to gain a greater understanding of our work and significant benefits of our technology with both the Argus and Checkpoints products.” 

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