Introducing… Sophie Lennon-George!

Sophie started with Micro-X one year ago in January 2022 on a summer internship and liked the work so much, she stayed! Sophie is in her final year of electrical and electronic engineering, majoring in medical technologies. Since starting at Micro-X, she has worked across all parts of the business.

Why do you love what you do?

I love how I get to work on a range of different things, across different projects at Micro-X. Whether I am doing design work or testing, I am learning something new every day. It’s good to be able to put the theory I learn into practice. Working at Micro-X I can see how, as an engineer, your design can affect the final product.

Why did you join Micro-X?

I am fascinated by medical imaging technology and have been since I was little. My parents have both worked as radiographers, I aways chose it as a research topic for projects at school and I did my year 10 work experience following around a radiographer. The company seemed like a perfect fit for me as it combined my interesting in electrical and electronic engineering with medical imaging.

What advice would you give to kids who want to become engineers one day?

Engineering is very broad and so I suggest getting work experience as soon as possible and speaking to people in industry about their work. This will determine what you like and help you choose companies to apply for in the future.