Our Facilities: USA

Micro-X at SeaTac

In order to support our rapid growth, we have chosen SeaTac, Washington State, as our US headquarters and was officially opened in May 2021 by Congressman Adam Smith, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

In our new home alongside many other global leaders in innovation and technology, we’re confident in forming partnerships with talented individuals and institutions who share our passion and vision to change the way X-ray imaging is applied across the world.

The proximity to the Airport for Micro-X’s future airline passenger self-screening development, the exceptional level of software talent in the greater Seattle Region, and the room in South King County for the company’s expansion plans all recommended SeaTac as the ideal location.

Center of Excellence

Our SeaTac facility will become a Center of Excellence for our pioneering product development in medical, defense, and security X-ray imaging.

The team will work on proprietary imaging software and algorithms as part of our CT Brain project, as well as lead our work with the US Government to reinvent airport security checkpoints. Our vision is for a self-service booth that provides a 3D image of carry-on luggage together with a body scanner and passport reader.


Customer Service

The facility is a strategic initiative to better serve our growing business opportunities in North America, and will focus on supporting US Government contracts. Additionally, our facility will form a support-base for the North American sales efforts, allowing us to work with a number of territorially focused dealerships to develop multiple paths to market for our Rover mobile X-ray machine.