Rover Veterinary


Increase the ability to diagnose and treat animals using mobile X-ray equipment at the treatment table.

Rover Veterinary has been designed as a mobile X-ray machine for general veterinarian practices to capitalise on the X-ray potential in the treatment of small animals.  Imaging animals on the treatment table ensures quicker diagnosis, better care and a complete digital technology system boosts productivity. As you will no longer require a dedicated X-ray room, the Rover X-ray system will improve your overall workflow by saving you time and money.

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Next Generation X-ray Technology

Micro-X’s Electronic X-Ray Tube is the foundation of our Rover Veterinary product development, this X-ray machine will bring new technology into the market that is small and agile in nature and will move veterinary practices from Computerised Radiography to Digital Radiography where X-ray images transfer automatically to a computer. Simple and effective imaging of animals can occur on a surgical table, a sedated animal will no longer need to be taken to a dedicated X-ray room for diagnosis.