Operating as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) allows our team to support other companies with mobile X-ray machines that use our unique proprietary CNT cold cathode emitter technology. These electronic X-ray tube solutions give our partners the ability to operate at a world-leading standard by helping end-users achieve new or improved workflow, as well as improving a range of usability benefits.

Unlike traditional product sourcing, our OEM model gives everyone access to the Micro-X mobile X-ray products. These portable X-ray machines are available for integration with partner software. This flexibility gives our partners the ability to use world-class technology and market our products under their own brand.

OEM Partnerships

Our current OEM partnership with Carestream allows them to sell the DRX-Revolution Nano. We are also actively seeking new partners to help develop additional paths to market for our X-ray equipment, and our team is looking specifically to work with other OEMs. Expanding our channel partners and collaborations will allow us to tap into new markets and regions, ensuring we have a greater impact on the global community.