Our Story

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that nothing is more powerful than a great idea.

In 1895, X-ray imaging revolutionised the world. What started as a simple idea from Dr. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, went on to become a tool used across industries around the world. While advances in technology since then have improved the speed and efficacy of X-rays, the application and parameters have remained largely unchanged for almost a century.

As thinkers, creators and innovators, we saw an opportunity. Our team of engineers, scientists and product developers went back through more than 100 years of X-ray imaging and found the need for a product that was smaller and lighter. This insight transformed into an idea that we now call the Electronic X-Ray Tube. It’s a simple, scalable and repeatable X-ray tube that uses carbon nanotube technology to offer a more stable, yet smaller X-ray tube than ever before.

We think, create and innovate, and we prove the power of a great idea.

Micro-X is an ASX-listed, hi-tech company, working to continually push the boundaries of science and technology across every industry.

Micro-X a hi-tech Australian company with global reach

Our Vision

While we continue to grow, our founding values remain the cornerstone of our organisation to Think, Create and Innovate.


We know our success lies in our people. The people who developed our revolutionary technology. The people passionate about a product that is saving lives. And the people who are committed to empowering other people, businesses, organisations and industries – today and into the future.


To continually create, we are constantly learning and growing. Our research and development has helped us combine world-leading manufacturing principles with pioneering customer relationship building strategies to develop a comprehensive creation process. We believe it’s our customer led design methodology and efficient production systems that underpin our success.


Innovation to us means continually rethinking our processes, technology and product vision. We also understand the dynamic interrelationships between these factors. By adopting customer-led, proven and collaborative processes, we can deliver reliable, scalable and cutting-edge technology. It’s this technology that helps us deliver new products that are forever presenting new opportunities and revolutionising industries across the world.