Introducing… Daniel Ward!

Daniel is a Senior Systems Engineer and the Technical Lead of the Argus project. Daniel, pictured above on the left next to Senior Industrial Designer Tom Schneider, joined Micro-X in 2022.


What’s your background?

After graduating from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours) I’ve spent my career working in the medical device industry as a systems engineer in product development.

I’ve developed respiratory support devices at ResMed and managing the development of ML/AI algorithms used in pathology applications at LBT Innovation

Now at Micro-X I have been given the opportunity to technically lead the Argus project. Although a venture away from medical devices, the Argus is a consumer product that is designed to make the world a safer place.


What do you love about working in this industry?

The challenge of creating, manufacturing, and supporting consumer products that make a difference to the lives of their users.


Why did you join Micro-X?

For the opportunity to work on world class technology in my hometown.  


What’s a memorable moment or achievement from your time with the company that you’re particularly proud of?

Initiating the first Backscatter X-Ray scan of the Argus system on the first portable prototype.  Which was closely followed by attending the Good Design Awards to receive an award for engineering on behalf of the dedicated and talented engineering team.


What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m slightly colour blind – when I first graduated uni I thought it would be a hinderance but the further I get in to my career they more I embrace seeing the world differently.


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in your field?

Engineering is a very diverse field – I’d suggest follow your interests. Finding the right mentors along the way is key to gaining new skills so that you have the required experience to succeed in areas you enjoy working. You’ll never stop learning so don’t expect to be an expert on everything.


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