Outside of the medical space, X-ray systems for security is the second largest purpose for our technology. Micro-X is developing the solutions needed to protect the community from the threat and transmission of explosives, prohibitive weapons, contraband, toxic chemicals, narcotics, and other security risks. We want everyone to have the peace-of-mind and freedom to go about their daily lives, without facing any unnecessary or avoidable hazards.

Micro-X has a number of security X-ray machines in-development that will revolutionise security screening as we know it. These smaller, lighter and portable solutions use our Electrotonic X-Ray Tube technology used successfully in our military and medical products, while also considering the specifications required to be completely fit-for-purpose in the security industry.

Security Solutions

Miniature Baggage Scanner – The Miniature Baggage Scanner provides full 3D CT reconstruction and backscatter X-ray technology to allow for the detection of hidden threats. Unlike the current available options, this new security X-ray machine will remove the need to unpack bags or layers for successful detection. This cost-effective, high-resolution baggage scanner is compact in design and provides the foundation of Micro-X’s Airport Self-Service Checkpoint.

Airport Self Service Checkpoint – Security lanes are currently one of the biggest choke points at any airport. At Micro-X, we are developing an unmanned self-service portal that combines scanning of personal effects and baggage with a passport reader and body scanner into one. By eliminating the need for high staffing to monitor baggage security, this X-ray system will transform airport security and increase efficiency – without compromising on safety.

IED X-Ray Camera – Micro-X is developing an unrivalled Stand-Off Rapid Assessment X-ray Camera that will help with counter IED operations. The X-Ray Camera has been designed for remote deployment via Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) or as a Carry Forward System. Micro-X is currently conducting voice of customer research and is aiming for first product sales in 2022.

Paving The Way For The Future Of Security

Our research and development in the security space is bolstered by a number of grants. We secured two UK Department for Transport grants under the Future Aviation Security Solutions programme to allow us to demonstrate 2D and 3D CT, using our multi-source tube array and backscatter technologies. We also secured two US Department of Homeland Security grants to assist in the development of our Miniature Baggage Scanner and Self-Service CheckPoint.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) contracted Micro-X to demonstrate a proof of concept for the stand-off imaging of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). This contract was successfully completed and proved a resolution of less than 0.5mm. We are now working with the ADF to develop and test the IED X-ray Imager in a configuration that allows it to be carried in the jaws of a deployed Explosive Ordnance Disposal robot or manually if a robot cannot be deployed. This partnership will give us the insight and guidance to ensure our product is fit-for-purpose and capable of sending high-quality X-ray images to a remote operator control station.