We are pleased to announce a refresh of the Micro-X brand. After nearly a decade, we have refreshed the brand to demonstrate the evolution of our company.

At Micro-X, we believe in the power of great ideas. We’re constantly looking at things differently so we can find better ways and lead the world in new X-ray technology.

But as we continue to grow, our founding values remain the cornerstone of our organization to Think, Create and Innovate.

We know our success lies in our people, the people who developed our revolutionary technology. We are continually learning and growing, our research and development has helped us combine world-leading technology and manufacturing principles. And, above all, we are constantly rethinking our processes, technology, and product vision to deliver reliable, scalable, and cutting-edge technology.


Updated Micro-X Website

We’re excited to launch our new Micro-X website on 14th July. An extensive amount of time, research, and resource has been invested to ensure the new website is more user-friendly, easier to navigate with a new look and feel in line with the Micro-X brand refresh.

Micro-X has worked with a number of digital experts to ensure that the website was built based on best practices and current trends. One of the biggest changes is that the product pages are easier to find and navigate to – providing more detailed product information with fewer clicks.

We’ve also created an industries section that provides information on the different industry sectors and associated products in the medical, military, veterinary, and security screening industries.


Corporate Video

Our Corporate video encapsulates the founding principles of Micro-X, showcasing what is being manufactured but more importantly, some of the people behind Micro-X. Whilst we believe in the power of a great idea at Micro-X, it’s the people that created the technology and the people that use it that drives our success.

As Thinkers, Creators and Innovators, we have transformed the traditional X-ray tube into an Electronic X-ray tube that is simple and scalable, using nanotube technology, we’re able to offer a more stable, yet smaller X-ray tube than ever before.

As you notice changes in our branding, we would certainly love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts or requests via the Contact Us page on our website or if you enjoy social media, please connect with us.