Micro-X is pleased to announce it has been named as a Finalist in the Innovator of the Year category of the 2020 SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards.

The SA Science Excellence and Innovation Awards showcases the critical importance of science, research and innovation to the development of industry and society as a whole.

The Awards provide an opportunity to recognise the work of inspiring Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) leaders and teams working in research and education institutions, schools, industry and the community.

The Innovator of the Year finalist announcement recognises the development and commercialisation Micro-X has undertaken in the novel light-weight, mobile X-ray unit ‘Nano’, which is based on ground-breaking carbon nanotube (CNT) technology.

‘Nano’ technology negates the need for heavy cooling systems to be involved in x-ray scans, which results in a fully integrated X-ray unit weighing a fraction of traditional mobile X-ray devices currently on the market. The ‘Nano’ technology has wide applications and has been adopted in various sectors, with multiple units deployed globally since the onset of COVID-19 and feedback from clients overwhelmingly affirmed the ease of use and cleanability due to the streamlined light-weight design.

“We are delighted the panel of judges recognised our world-first innovative technology and how technology, developed here in South Australia by our inspiring team is now being used in the current global pandemic.” Commented Micro-X Managing Director Peter Rowland.

The SA Science and Innovation Awards are a significant occasion in South Australia’s science calendar and are recognised as the premier science showcase event highlighting the diversity of scientific endeavour and research in South Australia.

Further information on the awards can be found at:

Science Awards SA Government – Website