Micro-X will receive $400,000 as part of a $3.3 million project to continue the development of their advanced manufacturing facility in Tonsley. This facility will produce portable x-ray imaging devices for use by military, police and security agencies to counter improvised explosive devices (IED’s).

Funding, announced by Industry, Science and Technology Minister Christian Porter is from the second round of the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

Micro-X, a manufacturer of novel x-ray products for medical and security applications using cold-cathode carbon nanotube technology has driven down the size of x-ray tubes to be lighter and smaller than traditional x-ray tubes. Using this novel technology, Micro-X is able to reimagine imaging equipment. The innovative Improvised Explosive Device X-ray camera is a security device intended for mobile scanning of Improvised Explosive Devices and will enhance explosive threat detection capabilities in defence, police and security applications.

The project encompasses the X-ray tube and generator manufacture as well as system assembly in Micro-X’s advanced manufacturing facility in Adelaide. The design and manufacturing of the core product technology will enable Micro-X to develop its unique technologies and upskill its workforce in new and specialised engineering and manufacturing roles. This skill set will build a unique centre of excellence in Adelaide, ensure job creation and protect Australia’s sovereign capability.

Managing Director, Peter Rowland who welcomed the Australian Government support commented that as an advanced technology manufacturer we’re constantly investing in innovation and bringing ground-breaking new products to the markets we operate in.

He said it’s the innovation inherent in what we manufacture which drives our business growth as we bring new capabilities to our customers world-wide.