Micro-X is pleased to announce that it will be a virtual exhibitor at ECR 2021 held from March 3-10, 2021.

ECR 2021 is expected to be one of the biggest online programmes in radiology ever, featuring state-of-the-art science, education and research presented by medical imaging professionals from across the world with parallel streams of live, pre-recorded and interactive sessions covering a variety of topics and subspecialities.

As a virtual exhibitor, registered congress participants will be able to access and browse through the Micro-X virtual booth to learn more about our carbon nanotube technology and our newest product offering, the Rover mobile x-ray machine.

Managing Director Peter Rowland said, “Virtually exhibiting at ECR 2021 provides Micro-X with the platform to engage with industry participants as well as the end-users of our mobile x-ray machine.”

“ECR 2021 will allow us to increase our market awareness and product acceptance to help accelerate Mobile DR sales as we look to expand our paths to market either by selling directly or via additional distributors and agents” he added.

Featured on the virtual Micro-X booth will be the Rover mobile x-ray machine, a mobile ultra-lightweight digital x-ray machine used for bedside imaging. Incorporating cold cathode, carbon nanotube technology, the Rover is able to achieve a significant reduction in size and weight compared to typical mobile x-ray machines currently on the market allowing the x-ray machine to be more agile.

The Rover is ideal for bedside imaging in emergency departments and is easy to manoeuvre through small patient rooms, crowded hallways or tight ICU spaces. Only weighing 95kgs, the Rover has key design features to improve ergonomics and workflow such as a balanced articulating arm and collimator controls on tusks. The Rover received FDA clearance in July 2020 and achieved it’s first sales in September 2020 to support the World Health Organisation.

Access to the ECR virtual exhibition will be open to individuals registered for ECR 2021 via the ESR Connect platform, the Micro-X virtual booth can be accessed via the exhibitor list or via the following direct link which will be active from March 3, 9am – https://ecr2021.expo-ip.com/stand/1786. The booth will remain accessible around the clock between March 3-10 to give visitors from different time zones the chance to browse through the booth, visitors can also request additional information from Micro-X staff via the booth’s contact form.

Additional information regarding ECR 2021 can be accessed via their website – https://www.myesr.org