Micro-X announces they are exhibiting at Land Forces 2021. The event will be held in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, located in Brisbane, Australia on 1-3 June 2021. Micro-X will be exhibiting within the Defence SA Stand and on a separate Micro-X stand.

Land Forces is the international industry exposition to showcase equipment, technology, and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Land Forces attracts attendance from manufacturers, systems integrators, maintenance, and logistics specialists operating across the full spectrum of land warfare.

As part of the Land Forces Exposition, Micro-X has been awarded the 2021 Land Forces National Innovation Award. The award recognising the invention and manufacture of the Rover, a lightweight X-ray machine ruggedised and optimised for high intensity use in field hospitals and remote locations.

Managing Director Peter Rowland said, “Micro-X is delighted to receive this National Innovation award for our Rover X-ray machine given our long history of working with the Australian Defence Force. The Rover was designed under contract with the Australian Department of Defence, to fulfill the unique needs of deployed forces.”

“Exhibiting at Land Forces, provides Micro-X with an opportunity to display our latest technology and to engage with the wider defence community”.

Featured on the Micro-X booth will be the award-winning, Rover mobile x-ray machine.  Rover combines lightweight manoeuvrability with high precision imaging to deliver critical hospital grade diagnostics in the toughest of environments. The Rover is agile and flexible. It is lightweight and moves quickly to make optimal positioning easier and minimise disturbance for the patient.

Also, showcased at Land Forces, will be the Micro-X IED X-ray imager. The IED X-ray Imager provides an unrivalled Stand-Off Rapid Assessment X-ray capability for Counter IEDD Operations. It has been designed for remote deployment via Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) or as a Carry Forward System.

The introduction of Backscatter technology inside the IED X-ray Imager using Micro-X’s unique Carbon Nanotube (CNT) field emission technology X-ray source has enabled the integration of a lightweight, electronically controlled single-emitter tube that can be fired and collimated. This technology introduces the ability to detect organic material.

Visit Micro-X at the Defence SA stand (stand 3P15) and Micro-X stand C30. To learn more about Land Forces, visit Land Forces website.