Dr. Brian Gonzales

CEO US & Chief Scientific Officer


Brian is the Chief Scientist of Micro-X and the CEO of Micro-X Inc, the US subsidiary.

Brian has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from UNC and NC State University and has published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals, focused on X-ray CT using carbon nanotube X-ray technology. Brian has worked with carbon nanotube X-ray technology from the early research at UNC, leading the early development at XinRay Systems, and then assisting in the transition to full commercialization of the technology at Micro-X in partnership with Flinders University and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Throughout the technology development, Brian has established himself as a research member of the US DHS-funded ALERT community, a scientific, corporate, and government community working to advance Airport security technology. Brian has led the engagement with DHS and TSA to utilize the carbon nanotube X-ray technology to transform airport security screening.