Micro-X proudly announces it has signed onto the Veterans’ Employment Commitment.

This initiative recognizes and harnesses the unparalleled professional skills and experiences of veterans.

The veterans employed in our company contribute their valuable skills and experience across the business, bringing skills learned in the defense forces of discipline, teamwork, leadership, logistics and technical expertise. Their contributions are felt across the business, including in Rover product support and in the Argus team developing critical counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) technology.

The decision to align with the Veterans’ Employment Commitment stems from Micro-X’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, acknowledging the unique qualities that veterans bring to the table. Their exceptional leadership, adaptability, and resilience acquired through military service synergize seamlessly with our pursuit of leadership and innovation in x-ray imaging technology.

As a trailblazer in the field, Micro-X understands the pivotal role of collaboration and diversity in advancing our x-ray technology, whether it is for health, defense, or security. By integrating the wealth of experience that veterans bring, we aim to elevate our capabilities, reinforcing our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions in these crucial domains.

This initiative not only demonstrates our gratitude for the sacrifices made by veterans but also positions Micro-X as a hub of excellence, driving innovatio, securing our nations against evolving threats and supporting the health of people globally.

We are proud to be creating revolutionary x-ray technology and making lives better through both the application of our technology and our inclusive and diverse workforce.